Sigma Technologies is proud to introduce their latest radiant barrier innovation – a radiant barrier product made with 99.99% pure copper. When installed in attics and crawlspaces, this unique product has the ability to dramatically reduce the heat flow by radiation, with superior protection against the signs of aging.


The process of making



The process of making Copperflect starts with a polymeric fabric, designed to prevent rips, tears, and punctures.


Then the copper is applied to both sides to reflect heat in both directions, followed by layers of our proprietary protective coatings to protect against patina.


Then the rolls are slit down to manageable widths - 25” or 48” – and custom perforated to allow the Copperflect to breath and prevent moisture accumulation.


Finally, the rolls head to our Quality Control department for performance testing before they are palletized and shipped to our dealers.

Sigma Technology

Developed and manufactured by Sigma Technologies, out of Tucson, Arizona, Copperflect is the first and only copper radiant barrier or reflective insulation product in the world. Sigma Technologies holds over 45 different patents related to this technology.

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Quality Control

In addition to independent, third party testing, each and every Master Roll of Copperflect we make is thoroughly tested by the engineers in our Quality Control department.

Rolls are tested for durability, reflectivity, and corrosion resistance. If we encounter a problem at any point during the process, we either fix it, or it isn’t sold as Copperflect.