Comfort is influenced by both air temperature (convection) and the temperature of the surfaces around you (thermal radiation). Your thermostat controls the air temperature but has no way to measure or regulate “how it feels” in the house. Thermal radiation accounts for up to 2/3 of your body’s ability to regulate temperature.

Just like windows and walls that get direct sun are always warmer, if warm surfaces are radiating heat onto your skin, your body can’t cool down and you set the thermostat lower. Ideally, you want your walls and ceiling to be a few degrees warmer than your skin during the winter and a few degrees cooler in the summer.

Copperflect radiant barrier is specifically designed around radiant heat transfer. Copperflect installed in your attic and crawlspace works by reflecting out the radiant heat in the summer and reflecting back in the radiant heat in the winter. This results in more comfortable ceilings and floors, and therefore a more comfortable you.