Copperflect in Radiant Heating

Seneca Radiant Tech now uses our Copperflect for in-floor radiant heating.

To conduct and redirect the heat, Copperflect is ideal. Instead of acting as a radiant barrier, here the copper is used as a conductor, installed over the Seneca radiant panels and under the finished flooring. The radiant panels hold the heating tubes in place and provide a thermal mass. The conductive copper in Copperflect distributes the radiant heating more evenly.

Another advantage that the Copperflect has over traditional plastic vapor barriers is that Copperflect has a Class A / Class 1 fire rating. This particular version of the product is made with two layers of copper film on either side of the Copperflect using a fire-retardant additive, and the core of the product is a tough fiberglass scrim.

Seneca Radiant Technologies is proud to incorporate Copperflect in their in-floor radiant heating installations because Copperflect is an essential part of their installation and allows them to install a better radiant heating system.

Copperflect in Radiant Floors